sparkle_fundraiserSince the creation of our Company in 1982, the owners of Sparkle-N-Shine have made it their policy to become a part of the local community, through the hiring of local students and participation in community fund raising events. We believe in giving back to the communities which have contributed to our success.

This is why we encourage students and local civic organizations to contact us about providing door prizes for various fund raising activities, advertising in year books and purchasing banners for display on athletic fields.

Sparkle-N-Shine has designed a program specifically to help you raise money during these tight economic times, for your school sports and/or academic programs quickly and easily, at absolutely no cost to you or your school!

We’re offering special car wash passes which students and faculty can simply hand out to friends and family members or anyone in the community. These special passes have a specific code printed on them, and when paying for their particular wash, the customer simply enters the special 4-digit code. This will entitle your school to 20% of the total sales purchased using your specific code number, during the period of time your particular code is good. (Time limits will apply to each school, club or organization. Total sales excludes applicable taxes.)

By taking advantage of the Sparkle-N-Shine Fund Raising Program, you’re also helping to protect our natural resources and the environment from harmful waste water! Washing vehicles in driveways and parking lots has a negative impact on our environment. First, you’re wasting precious drinking water, and second, the untreated wash water flows from the driveway directly into the ground water, lakes, streams and rivers.

At Sparkle-N-Shine, we use specially engineered water treatment and recycling sources, designed to protect our environment and conserve natural resources. For more information, click here.

For more information, please give us a call or stop by our facility and speak to our manager. You can also email us here.